Methandienone Liquid – (50 mg/ml – 10 ml vial)


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Methandienone liquid

Methandienone ZPHC – the preparation which is analog of testosterone with smaller degree of a virilization and a masculinization. Methane is applied in weightlifting to increase in body weight, and also to increase of power result. Active ingredient – methandienone.

– the preparation works within 7 hours therefore the dosage should be divided.
– methane is removed about 5 months.
– it is not toxic for a liver if a dosage within norm.
– during a course the acne can be shown, but it happens very seldom.
– liquid detains.

After the use active agent gets to cages, intensifies energetic and exchange processes, improves digestion of enzymes, proteins and all minerals. Thanks to these processes comprehensibility of protein increases, as accompanies muscle growth. Also strongly force, endurance, restoration, a dream after heavy trainings increases. Methane still influences splitting of fatty tissue. The preparation increases calcium synthesis, increases nitrogenous balance.

During a course methane is capable to increase muscle bulk to 5 kg a week. To avoid big kickback (reduction of muscle bulk after a course), professionals advise to use aromatase inhibitors during a course to suppress aromatization.

The rate of methane makes from 2 – x weeks to 4 – x weeks. For the beginning athletes the dosage will make 30 mg daily. The dosage is distributed on several receptions. We accept on an empty stomach; we wash down with water. With experience you can increase a dose to 50 mg a day.

Side effects
Reception is not recommended to people with a liver problem, and it is also warm – vascular system. Side effects appear only at increase of the acceptable dose.

Methane possesses the most powerful action therefore it is so popular with athletes of weightlifting and bodybuilding.


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