Turinabol – (10 mg/tab – 100 tabs – pack)


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Turinabol ZPHC is an anabolic drug used in Weightlifting, bodybuilding. Turinabol is similar in action to methandienone. The chemical structure of the drugs is also similar, but not completely. The only difference is that turinabol does not retain fluid in the body, but retains methane. During the course, muscle mass and strength do not grow very quickly, but qualitatively. There is evidence that when using turinabol, due to a decrease in SHBG (globulin binding sex hormones), its own testosterone increases.

Turinabol increases strength more than body weight. The drug stays in the body for up to one week, due to which athletes use it before competitions. As statistics show, during the use of this drug, side effects are minimal. Your own testosterone is not strongly suppressed. the drug is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Most experienced athletes use it after basic steroid drugs as a post cycle therapy to help the body rest from heavier drugs. Often, this drug is used by women, since it has few side effects. Turinabol is used twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. The dose is selected individually, depending on age and gender. For experienced athletes, the normal dosage is 50 mg, and for women and boys up to 30 mg. Most people like to use Turinabol solo. In this case, PCT (post cycle therapy) is not required. Your own testosterone will gradually return to its normal state 7 days after the end of the application. Turinabol is also used during drying, for example with injectable stanozolol. In this situation, the dose should be no more than 40 mg.

Side effects
– disruption of the endocrine system (deterioration of potency, enlargement of the prostate);
– sleep disturbance, stress;
– the appearance of acne, but rarely happens;
– pain in the liver;
– high blood pressure.
Women may experience an increase in sexual activity, an increase in the clitoris, and problems with the menstrual cycle.


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