HGH ZPtropin (Powder) – (4 mg/12 IU x 5 vials – 60 IU)


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Growth hormone – ZPtropin

ZPtropin – is the growth hormone somatropin, which is synthesized artificially using DNA technology. Pharmaceutically white powder, reminiscent of powdered sugar. Before use, the drug is diluted with Novocain. The drug acts on the principle of accelerating metabolism, due to which the growth of muscle mass is noticeably accelerated. HGH has an anabolic effect and also leads to cell hyperplasia. It is advisable to use the solution immediately, but if it remains, store it in the refrigerator for no more than a week.


It has many positive effects, including

  • Improvement of joints, bones and ligaments;
  • Elimination of excess subcutaneous fat;
  • Building muscle mass;
  • Inhibition of destructive processes in the muscles, which is especially important after strength sports;
  • Anti-catabolic action.

For beginner athletes, growth hormone will be an excellent choice to gain high-quality muscle mass without harming the body.

In this case, a two-month course of 10 U daily in combination with turinabol would be an ideal option.

With a balanced diet, this combination will allow you to build up to 5 kg of muscle mass.

Growth hormone is most valuable for strength sports such as bodybuilding. It is best combined with anabolic steroids, against the background of the intake of which growth slows down anyway. In strength sports, a course of 2-3 months is used, daily using 10-20 U of the drug.

For a more intense growth of muscle mass, it is recommended to combine the intake of growth hormone with anabolic steroids such as methane and sustanon. Another area of ​​application of the drug Growth hormone is the use during the period of bridges between courses.

In this case, a dosage of 10 U is used for 2 months.

Side Effects


Side effects occur only while taking the drug.

The main negative effects that growth hormone causes:
swelling in the injection area.
recurrent joint pain.
hyperglycaemia, for the prevention of which the use of insulin is recommended.




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