The 2021 Arnold Classic UK took place October 1st-2nd, in Birmingham, NEC, UK. This is the complete results of this bodybuilding contest.

The UK’s version of the Arnold Classic took place at the start of the Arnold Sports Festival UK, which features competitions in a variety of sports, ranging from strongman, MMA, and arm wrestling, just to name a few. Despite the wide array of things for fans to enjoy at this massive three-day expo, the bodybuilding contest naturally draws a lot of attention.

This event featured athletes from five different divisions, all of which looking to earn qualifications to the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Taking place just a week before this year’s Olympia, it did not have the most stacked lineup of competitors, although there were certainly some good athletes to look forward to.

With that in mind, the 2021 Arnold Classic UK was a fun event with the likes of Nathan De Asha, Samson Dauda, Ryan Terry, Jamie Christian-Johal, and more, taking the stage and giving their all to win this contest. By the end of the Finals, this two-day contest brought some entertainment to fans who were there in person, or watching around the world.

Here are the complete results from this major bodybuilding contest.

Arnold Classic UK 2021 Results and Prize Money

Complete results of the bodybuilding action from the 2021 Arnold Classic UK

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

1. Nathan De Asha, $30,000
2. Samson Dauda, $10,000
3. Theo Leguerrier, $5000
4. Patrick Johnson, $3000
5. Krystian Wolski

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